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Dental Sleep Therapy

  • Stop Snoring

  • Sleep well at night

  • Feel alert all day

  • Affordable in-home sleep test

  • Covered by most health care plans

  • CPAP Alternative

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The Six Benefits of Dental Sleep Therapy

1. Feel Alert All Day

Have you heard complaints about your snoring and you feel drowsy later in the day – even forcing yourself to “stay with it” by grabbing an energy drink? These are all symptoms of sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, a disorder that causes a pause in breathing while you sleep. Could be a few seconds up to one minute or more.

2. Sleep Well at Night

Repeated lack of oxygen can lead to: fatigue, high blood pressure, stroke, a significantly higher risk of heart disease and complications with diabetes. So… why ask your dentist about what could be a medical condition? Physicians are certainly concerned about your health. But only trained and certified dentists can make state-of-the-art oral devices to help with sleep and energy.

3. Stop Snoring

Autumn Dental is introducing dental sleep disorder therapy to Mokena and the local area. Our goal is to raise awareness of the health concerns caused by insufficient sleep and the importance of a clear, unobstructed airway.

4. Affordable in-home Sleep Test

freeport-dental-in-home-sleep-test-photoHospital lab sleep tests for sleep disorders can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Now an affordable alternative is available. Following consultation, you can take home a portable home/sleep diagnostic system without the need of a technologist. It is a small wrist-mounted device that provides patient-friendly diagnostic evaluation in the comfort of your own home and then read by a qualified physician.

5. CPAP Alternative

Although CPAP is the gold standard of care, CPAP machines can be noisy, require electricity and complicate travel. The mask is often uncomfortable to use and to keep in place. Now there is an affordable alternative. After your in-home sleep test, a qualified physician will determine your level of sleep apnea. Dr. Bares may then prescribe a custom-fitted oral dental appliance designed to keep your airway open and breathing during the night.

6. Covered by Most Health Care Plans

Costs for consultation, home sleep test and custom-fitted oral appliance therapy are fully covered, with a patient co-pay portion, under most health care insurance plans. Those enrolled in Medicare are also covered with a patient co-pay.